About Mass Metal

In 2014, Mass Metal appeared at #618 on Inc. Magazine's list of fastest growing private companies in America.

Mass Metal, LLC is headquartered in Lawrence, KS. It was founded by a group of investment professionals who recognized the need for a more accessible, efficient and cost effective way for a broad spectrum of investors to benefit from the time tested safety and security of owning hard precious metal assets.

In their role as investment professionals, Jeremy Brakenhoff (CEO) and Josh McCleary (COO) observed both the desire of the general public to own precious metals as well as the challenges to doing so. The challenges most clearly surfaced in late 2008 during the global financial crisis when many individual investors sought the safety of precious metals. Large investors were able to acquire the metal at one price, while everybody else paid a much higher price.

As they sought to bring a workable solution to their clients, Mass Metal discovered that neither the financial services nor the precious metals industries offered a solution that was fair, efficient, easily accessible and most importantly, scalable. Through their quest to satisfy their clients' desire to own hard assets, Jeremy and Josh determined that unlike most other investment options, technology had not been leveraged to democratize the precious metals markets in a way that equally serves participants of all sizes.

To date, the company has brought to market two related offers:

SilverSaver® -- The company took the first step in the process of democratizing the acquisition and ownership of physical precious metals in 2010 by creating an opportunity for anyone, regardless of size or income, to accumulate, and if desired, take possession of gold or silver via a transparent, on-line system called SilverSaver®. Clients large or small use the system to easily, safely, and automatically accumulate gold and silver in amounts as little as $25 per month. They can leave their precious metal holdings at a fully insured third-party depository, or once they have accumulated 20 ounces of silver or 1⁄2 ounce of gold, they can take delivery. Mass Metal now provides a secure way to accumulate physical silver and gold to over 11 thousand clients across all fifty states and Canada. Client surveys have yielded a satisfaction rate of over 99%. Precious metals industry experts, including David Morgan and Jeff Clark, have recommended SilverSaver® for obtaining precious metals.

SilverSaver® PMA (Precious Metal Account) -- In 2014, the company took the next step in democratizing the gold and silver markets by introducing an after-tax voluntary benefit that gives individuals a way to own physical gold and silver through voluntary payroll deductions. Its low barrier of entry (as little as $10 per pay period for PMA accounts), and an entirely new distribution channel (employee payroll deductions) connects the gold and silver markets to millions of new potential participants who otherwise would not have an easily accessible trusted source for accumulating these valuable assets.

Corporate Office:
Mass Metal LLC
706 Massachusetts St.
Lawrence, KS 66044

#618 - 2014